You can have a significant impact on a cause that’s important to you by organizing community fundraisers. In addition to helping you raise money for your charity, fundraisers will help you generate awareness about the cause. In creating a fundraiser, it’s important to create an event that will get people talking. You can do this in a variety of different ways, including the suggestions mentioned below.

Host a Public Event

Car washes, food drives, and music festivals are just some ideas you can use to create a successful fundraising event. As you choose an event, remember that you don’t want to get too ambitious with planning the event. Spending more money on decorations and prizes will limit how much of the donations you’ll be able to put towards the actual charity. Consider looking for area businesses willing to donate prizes and decorations to keep spending as low as possible.

Use Crowdfunding Platforms

You can use a crowdfunding platform for your fundraiser to make it easier to save on expenses. Before you create an account on a fundraising platform, be sure to read the terms. Some platforms won’t pay out unless you reach the goal you set for the campaign. Another thing to consider is the rate the platform charges for using its service. By looking for the lowest rate, you’ll be able to keep more of the funds for your cause.

Try a Cold Calling Approach

Once you get a few volunteers together, you can ask them to start calling around to ask for donations. It can be helpful to find volunteers with telemarketing or customer service experience since you will want people with good verbal communication skills. If you don’t have enough volunteers to make a good impact, consider using an outgoing calling service that can handle this project for you.

You will also have to market your fundraiser as you would market a commercial business. You can use social media to generate buzz among your followers, and there should be an option to donate directly from your website. Other marketing options include SMS, email, and mobile marketing. Print marketing, such as posters and flyers, can also help you generate interest in your charity fundraiser.