College students should consider volunteering based on the following information.

Helps People in Need

College students can use their skills to help the community. For example, they can help immigrants with their English skills. They can also help high schoolers study for college entrance exams. Additionally, students can accompany senior citizens on their daily walks to the park. By donating their time and doing good deeds, students can positively impact society.

Creates Connections

Volunteer participants come from all walks of life. Some attendees may be working professionals, while others may be retirees. College students can ask about their experiences and see if a career track is right for them. They can keep in touch with new acquaintances after the volunteer event and establish a networking relationship.

Strengthens Resume

College students can use community service to stand out from other job applicants. Companies want to hire interesting people because they help strengthen corporate culture. Some people see their co-workers more than their own family. Therefore, they want to work with individuals who are easy to talk to. Community service can be used as a conversation starter. Job applicants can talk about their volunteer experience along with their hobbies and interests.

Volunteering can also be used to fill a resume gap. Companies want to know what candidates do when they are not busy. Students can provide a clear explanation by writing down community service.

Boosts Mental Health

College students can use community service to improve their mental health. Cleaning up the local park or serving meals at a senior center can serve as exercise. The body releases endorphins during physical activity. These natural chemicals can help relieve stress and pain. Also, being outside on a sunny day increases the body’s vitamin D levels. This nutrient can help fight disease and reduce depression. Finally, talking to other volunteers can make students laugh and smile.

Fulfills Academic Requirements

Some colleges may require community service to graduate with a certain degree. For example, honors students may need to complete a specified number of service honors to receive their diplomas. Students should take care of these requirements as soon as possible. Procrastination may lead to forgetfulness and stress.

Overall, volunteering can help students make the most of their college years.