Volunteering is a great way to give back to your local community while also learning important life skills. The easiest time to make a big impact is while you are in school. While finding time to volunteer is easier when you do not have a full-time job or family, it can still be tricky to add it to a busy college schedule. These are four important tips to consider when volunteering as a college student.

Align With Your Major

You will get far more out of your volunteering opportunity if it aligns with what you are currently studying in college. Volunteering in your future career field will look great on a resume after graduation. It will also allow you to learn vital skills about the career that are not taught in class. This lets you make the world a better place while also setting yourself up for success in the future.

School Comes First

Being dedicated to a cause is great, but you still need to put your schoolwork first. Attending class, studying and finishing assignments are far more important than your volunteer work. This is why you need to find an opportunity that will be happy to work it with your schedule. If they cannot accommodate your ever-changing schedule, then it is best to go somewhere else.

Located Close to Campus

Fitting volunteering into a busy college schedule is already going to be tricky enough, so you do not want to be forced to drive a few hours every day to go back and forth. This travel time will limit the time you have to volunteer and study. Paying for gas or public transportation to make this long commute possible will also be very costly. Since you are likely on limited funds, it just makes sense to find a volunteer opportunity close to campus.

Choose a Non-Profit

The most reputable volunteer opportunities come from non-profit organizations. These organizations can often not afford a full staff, so they must rely on volunteers to get everything done. Volunteering for an organization only interested in improving the community will be far more rewarding than donating your time to a company making lots of money.