With the world still recovering from the aftermath of COVID-19, service projects are a great aid, and college students can help! Various fantastic service project opportunities can align with anyone’s interests whether you are a “people person,” enjoy the outdoors or have a knack for finance. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Service projects don’t have to be literal sit-down projects of monotonous work. There are several great social experiences available too! Think about skills that could be helpful to others and do it! Skills like computer expertise, athleticism, or tutoring can help young kids become more confident in these areas and excel. Volunteering at a local food bank allows for a social element while helping the homeless or struggling financially to get the sustenance they need.

Those with a knack for finance have various options with ideas as simple as teaching friends how to manage their finances to bigger endeavors like starting their own nonprofit. Passion could be all it takes to spark a great new concept for a nonprofit that helps people (or animals, the environment, etc.) in need! If creating a nonprofit seems daunting, try organizing a stand-alone or series of events to raise money for a specific charity already established.

It’s no new fact that the environment is struggling, so use this knowledge and a love for the outdoors to organize an event to clean up. Likely, many areas nearby, like beaches, parks, or roadsides, need a little attention. Get a group together and pick up trash, or advocate recycling and host a recycling drive. There are endless ways to help the environment!

Think outside the box. Now more than ever, good hygiene is important. Consider creating hygiene kits for the homeless by providing shelters with travel-size (or larger!) hygiene products to distribute. Many times organizations such as churches are looking for help for a variety of reasons. Think about reaching out to these places to see what needs to be done.

College students can use their free time to help others while benefitting their resumes. Service projects are a rewarding way to give back to the community!