When you want to give back to your community, one of the most effective ways is to get your workplace involved in the cause. This starts with finding one reason that is important to you and inspiring others to feel passionate about improving. Once you have a cause in mind, you can follow these steps to encourage involvement from others within your organization.

Connect Your Business to Your Cause

Whether you’re a business manager or simply one employee among many within your organization, there are benefits to tying your cause to the industry in which your business operates. Executives are also more likely to lend their support to a charitable cause if they can see how it will benefit the organization. For example, if your business produces canned soup, organizing a food drive can also help market the business.

Create More Opportunities For Raising Money

While your organization may contribute something to the cause, you should have plans to raise contributions from others. Encouraging other businesses in your community to donate and volunteer resources is essential. You can use special days, such as Make a Difference Day or National Volunteer Week, to raise interest in your cause. You should also encourage the other employees within your organization to get more involved. Supplementing monetary donations with volunteerism will help you maximize the good your organization is doing for the cause.

Track and Reward Participation

From the very beginning, you should be tracking the progress of your cause just as your organization tracks its commercial growth. You should track who participates in your cause and how much they do for the cause. This can help you recognize the top achievers or those who make the extra effort. A simple certificate of appreciation, trophy or small personalized gifts can go a long way towards helping participants feel good about their volunteerism. You can also use this data to show the community that you’re doing good things with their donations.

The final step in this process is one that you’ll never be able to complete. It involves the marketing and promotion of your cause and the events you organize to benefit it. Once you stop marketing your efforts, you’ll lose any momentum you have previously built up. For this reason, you will have to continue using print media, social media marketing, and any other promotional resources to help you maintain and grow awareness about your cause.