Your nonprofit organization may have plenty of donors to provide you with financial resources to help your cause, but you may be lacking in volunteer help. Bringing in enough volunteers can help you better manage clerical services, organize events, or help with day-to-day activities. You can get more assistance when you use the following practices to get your donors to contribute their time and skills.

Ask for Help

The best way to turn your donors into volunteers is to ask them for their help. Your cause is important to your donors, or they wouldn’t be donating cash gifts to your organization. If you express a need for more hands-on help, you may be surprised by how many of your donors will be willing to pitch in. When you request help, be sure to let your donors know about any specific type of help you need.

Advertise Volunteer Openings

When you send out newsletters or update your website, be sure to post volunteer opportunities for your donors to review. Each opening should be similar to a job announcement in structure, listing the title of the position and responsibilities. Each listing should also note the expected hours of work you would require from the volunteer. Detailed listings will help you attract volunteers who match your organization’s needs.

Acknowledge Support of Other Volunteers

Recognition goes a long way towards helping volunteers feel good about their services in supporting your cause. This is just one reason you should acknowledge the work of your volunteers in newsletters, social media posts, and in your blog. As your donors read these announcements, they may feel an interest in getting involved themselves. Post photos from those events if you celebrate your donors with special events, such as an awards dinner or meet and greet picnic. Donors will be more eager to get involved if the experience will also be fun and personally rewarding.

If you find that your donors are reluctant to volunteer, you can find more practical help for your nonprofit by marketing your organization. Just as a business markets to sell products, you can market your organization to raise awareness and appeal to volunteers. You can use social media and other forms of free or low-cost marketing opportunities to raise awareness and get the help your nonprofit charity needs.