As long as humans have lived in society, we’ve relied on each other for assistance. When one member of a tribe, village, or community was in need, the neighbors always stepped up to help out. While much has changed throughout human history, our reliance on each other is as important as ever.

In today’s day and age, technology makes it even easier to give each other support. In a world where money is the essential ingredient for most human endeavors, the internet has become a significant conduit for mutual aid. When someone needs to raise funds, they typically turn to crowdfunding sites to make the process easier.

People can raise more money than ever before thanks to this new technology. Instead of going door to door searching for funds or sending out letters, all you have to do is create a page on a prominent website and use social media to spread the word.

When planning to raise money online, it’s important to remember that not all crowdfunding sites are the same. Each has its own unique characteristics that make it perfect for certain situations and ill-suited for others. Here are four prominent sites you should consider next time you need to raise money online.

This site is versatile and wide-reaching, meaning you can use it for practically any purpose. It also allows you to keep all your funds, even if you fail to reach your goal. This is an excellent feature because it will enable you to be ambitious without taking any risks.

This organization is designed especially for schools. If you’re an educator in need of additional funds for a project, this is probably the type of site you’ve been dreaming of. They even facilitate donations, which makes the entire process much more manageable.

This site has long been the most famous crowdfunding service out there, and for a good reason. Its name recognition can help encourage further donations, and the site itself is delightfully user-friendly.

This is an excellent option for nonprofit organizations because it allows you to create a branded page. Including your organization’s branding could make your efforts more successful.