Because of the pandemic, children have been learning remotely, and parents have become aware of lessons taught in the schools. As a result, many parents have attended school board meetings, becoming more involved in their children’s education.

Another positive way to become involved in children’s educations is by volunteering. Volunteering is an excellent way to demonstrate to children that their parents are genuinely interested in learning and doing at school. Parents who volunteer–whether at elementary, junior high, or senior high school level–provide a support base and a large resource for the educational community. Indeed, there is no better way than volunteering to demonstrate to one’s children that both education and community involvement are essential.

The Benefits of Volunteering

Involved parents demonstrate to their children the value they place on education. Such parents provide a support base for educators, and they can be a great resource for teachers. Parents who volunteer also gain an inside view of what transpires in the education of their children. They also become familiar with the fads and trends of their children’s school lives. With this knowledge, parents can more easily communicate with their children as they mature.

Ways to Volunteer

Meeting with teachers at an open house or a parent/teacher conference is a way to start volunteering. Parents need not feel that they must have a college degree as there are numerous ways to assist teachers. As volunteers, parents do not necessarily need to be active in the classrooms.

Here are some ways to get started as a volunteer:

  1. Start by taking on small tasks.
  2. Treat your child the same way as you do others in the classroom.
  3. Stay behind the scenes if your volunteering makes your child uncomfortable.
  4. Ask for feedback from both teachers and students, asking them what is essential and what is least helpful so you can improve.
  5. Be responsive to the needs of students and the teachers you assist. Show flexibility, too.
  6. When assisting with an activity, not on the school grounds, parents should inquire about any regulations to follow or any issues regarding liability to be considered.