There are plenty of volunteer opportunities that can take you to new and exciting places around the world. This is a chance for you to experience new cultures while you help improve a cause that holds special meaning for you. Exploring some of the openings that are currently available can help you choose the right overseas volunteer position.


You’ll find your time in Tanzania to be enjoyable as you explore the natural beauty of this country, including the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. The ancient civilizations that still thrive in this area will also expose you to cultures different from anything you have previously experienced. You can support and help any cause that matters to you during your stay, including wildlife conservation, childcare training, or educating women of the region about female health. Education and healthcare are primary issues for the villages in this country.

Victoria Falls

Visit this part of Africa to get more involved in wildlife conservation and animal welfare. You’ll have the opportunity to work and live on a private game reserve to ensure endangered species of animals are protected. As long as you’re prepared for physically strenuous work, this is an opportunity for you to work closely with the wildlife in the region. If you’re unsure this is the right opportunity for you and still want to volunteer in Africa, nearby Zambia needs construction workers, elderly caregivers, and educators.

Costa Rica

A little closer to home, Costa Rica also needs volunteers who are willing to spend some time in Central America. During your stay, you’ll get to explore some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests. In this part of the world, turtle conservationists are desperately needed. The area also welcomes volunteers willing to help the country meet its needs for eco-agriculture, childcare, education, and medical care.

As you look for a volunteer opportunity, consider what interests you in terms of helping to improve the world. If you have an interest in helping protect the environment, look for opportunities that focus on ecology. If you’re more of an animal lover, get involved in wildlife conservation. No matter what interests are most important to you, there’s an opportunity that’s best suited for you.