This is the perfect time to think about hosting a toy drive in your community. Getting started now will give you the time you need to collect enough toys by the holiday season arrives. If this is a cause that interests you, here is a brief guide to help you get started.

Seek Out Community Involvement

To get started in organizing a toy drive, you should find out what community organizations will be available to help you distribute the toys. This involves calling or visiting area churches and other nonprofit organizations to encourage their involvement. Additionally, you should look for neighbors, friends, and co-workers who would also be interested in participating in the drive. Getting more of your neighbors involved will ensure a better outcome by helping you expand your reach to every part of your community.

Set Up Drop Off Points

You should start talking to area businesses about placing collection bins on their properties. This will make it more convenient for the average person to donate. You can set up bins for unwrapped toys inside commonly frequented businesses, such as grocery stores, hardware stores, and restaurants. You should also contact your local government about the possibility of setting up donation bins in public areas. They may offer suggestions that you haven’t considered.

Market Your Toy Drive

As soon as your collection bins are in place, you will have to start spreading awareness about your toy drive. This is where you’ll benefit from having volunteers who are willing to work with you. Start by creating flyers that you can hand out, post on community bulletin boards, and hang in the windows of area businesses. You and your volunteers should also use social media sites to build awareness and interest in your drive. Share the news with your online followers, and be sure to use hashtags to help reach as many online users as possible.

Starting a toy drive now will ensure you can make the holidays happier for the children throughout your community. Many families won’t give their children the holiday experiences they deserve, but a toy drive can create more joyful memories for many children. If you can get more people in your community involved in the effort earlier in the year, you can have a more significant impact on the lives of the disadvantaged children in your city.