Change is not something that happens overnight—it is something that happens over time. Some people have jobs that allow them to make a difference regularly, but everyone is not lucky enough to work one of those jobs. Changemakers driven by their passions can volunteer their time to a cause they care about. Taking care of nature, improving communication, or bettering another person’s life are just a few ways people can volunteer their time in 2021.

How humans live has hurt the environment. People should take the time to reflect on their actions and make the necessary changes to cause less harm in their daily lives. They could also volunteer for a conservation project. Volunteer work could involve caring for animals, planting trees, and improving the air, soil, and water quality. Humans share the planet with other humans, but humanity also shares Earth with the rest of life, none of which should be taken for granted.

Most humans are poor communicators and poor long-term thinkers, but people can spend 2021 trying to change that. They can make personal goals to speak more clearly and say what they mean. English speakers could volunteer their time to teach English in underdeveloped countries. Volunteer work in this area could help one sharpen their communication skills while positively impacting those who want to learn a widespread language.

Volunteers could spend some of their free time contributing to the improvement of the health of the people. Volunteers can spread awareness about the shortage of doctors around the world. They could also become medical volunteers in areas where one doctor can’t care for people by the masses.

Everyone needs their health, and everyone needs a place to call home, a place to dream about how they can make a difference. Volunteers who use their time and resources to improve others’ lives feel more fulfilled in their efforts than most. Community development projects are some of the most impactful because people get stronger when they feel they are part of something. A change happens inside everyone when people know they are not alone and that someone will help them stand up when they are low.